**It is important to understand that no one can be 100 % certain what a Labradoodle’s permanent adult coat will look like until they are at least 18-24 months of age.  Their coats can and will changecolorand type between birth and adulthood. They change a lot in the puppy’s first few months of life, and will go through 2-3 more distinct phases before reaching its permanent coat type. During these changes, you may experience some increased shedding. Through our experience we compare their puppy coat to our previous puppies as well as the coat traits of the parents we can genetically test for and make an approximation of their adult coat type, including the amount of shedding the puppy may have as an adult. Because many factors that influence shedding are un-testable at this time, they are out of our control. Therefore we make no guarantee that our approximations will be correct in regards to shedding. 

 Bella's had her first litter with Oakley to be born June 23rd.  Our "America the Beautiful" litter! She whelped 5 boys and 5 girls.  We anticipate the coats of these puppies should be similar to their half-siblings, a soft wavy fleece with minimal shedding likely**.  Both Bella and Oakley have devoted personalities, are eager to please, and have a strong work ethic.  These puppies will likely excel in agility, retrieving, pet therapy, service work and of course make wonderful family pets.   They will be standard sized, around 55-65 pounds and 22-23" on average.  The puppies will be able to join their new families on August 18th. If you are interested in adding one of these exceptional puppies to your family check out our purchasing details page where you will find in depth information on our selection process as well as our application. 


Black female

Ponder- brown merle female 

Brown merle male

Black brindle female

Spring- black merle female

 Brook's second litter with Oakley to be born May 21st.  Their last litter together produced 10 amazing puppies that have done fantastic with their new families.  They are smart, eager to please and are very devoted to their families. The coats of these puppies should be similar to their siblings, a soft wavy fleece with minimal shedding likely**.  They will be ready to go home July 16th when they are 8 weeks old.

Check out our future litters we are planning to be born in June and August

Cream male

Meridian- black merle female

Azra- brown abstract female

Robin- cream merle female

Apricot male

Cream male

Storm- Black male

Bud- Cream male

May- Black brindle female

Big Brown- brown abstract male

Available Labradoodle Puppies

Standard/Small Standard F3b Puppies Born May 17th

Puddles- Black shaded sable merle male

Standard F3 Puppies Born May 21st

Ebony- black abstract female

Rain- Black shaded sable male

Black brindle-point female

Bolt- Black brindle point male

Raising Exceptional Standard Labradoodle Puppies In Central Nebraska

Black sable merle female

Chrome- black abstract female

Sunny- Apricot male

Cream female

Black brindle-point male

Ash- black sable merle male

Standard F3 Puppies Born June 23rd

Petunia- brown merle female

We are so pleased that Heart had her first litter with Oakley on May 17th!  Heart and Oakley both have incredible personalities with a huge drive to please.  They are both intelligent, well put together and have beautiful coats.  Puppies would likely be around 45-60 pounds but we do not guarantee size as it can vary within the litter.  Coats should be wavy fleece with minimal shedding**.  We expect these puppies to be similar in looks to our standard poodle Kimber's litter with Oakley when they are grown.  They will be ready to go home July 12th when they are 8 weeks old.
Check out our future litters we are planning to be born in June and August

Cricket- Black abstract male