Clarabelle is going home her guardian family the Houstons and she will be a future mommy for our program!

Pete is a sweet black phantom (may fade to blue) male puppy with a wavy fleece coat that will likely be minimal shedding.  He is very smart, loves to play and is motivated to please.  He would be a perfect fit for any family including new dog owners.  See his personality assessment here.

Available Labradoodle Puppies

Daisy is going home with the Guinan family in Nebraska!

F2 Labradoodle Puppies Born November 18th- $1700


**It is important to understand that no one can be 100 % certain what a Labradoodle’s permanent adult coat will look like until they are at least 18-24 months of age.  Their coats can and will changecolorand type between birth and adulthood. They change a lot in the puppy’s first few months of life, and will go through 2-3 more distinct phases before reaching its permanent coat type. During these changes, you may experience some increased shedding. Through our experience we compare their puppy coat to our previous puppies as well as the coat traits of the parents we can genetically test for and make an approximation of their adult coat type, including the amount of shedding the puppy may have as an adult. Because many factors that influence shedding are un-testable at this time, they are out of our control. Therefore we make no guarantee that our approximations will be correct in regards to shedding. 

Our rock star mommy Tori whelped six healthy labradoodle puppies on November 18th sired by the talented Hunter. There was a perfect split, three boys and three girls.  These amazing puppies will reflect the wonderful traits of their parents.  They are smart, eager to please and with proper obedience training and socialization will be amazing family members. They have the energy to get out and work in the field, go for run, enjoy a game of fetch, or swimming in the lake, but they also enjoy laying around the house with their families while being cuddled or groomed.  Likely they will be between 55 and 65 pounds and 23-24" when full grown.

The past puppies from these two parents have been truly amazing.  Many are in working hunting homes, pet therapy dogs, hiking/running companions and of course all are amazing family pets.  Most have minimal to mild shedding fleece/wool coats but there is also the opportunity that some of the puppies have moderate shedding hair coats and we expect the same from this litter**.

We have two puppies available in this litter.  Puppies will be ready to go home on or after January 13th.  While they are with us we work on appropriate behavior, crate training, potty training, leash work and basic obedience.  We are committed to giving our puppies every head start possible while they are in our care.  For families too far from us to drive we are able to meet you at the Omaha or Denver airport for your puppy to fly carry-on.  Or, weather permitting we, can ship the puppies via Delta Dash Cargo.  For more information on what is included in each of our exceptional puppies as well as to fill out an application please visit the  Puppy Purchasing Page 

Donald is going home with the Coen family in Nebraska!

Piper (Formally Minnie)


Mickey is a cuddly black (may fade to blue) male puppy with a curly wool coat that will likely be mild shedding.  He is incredibly sweet, loves attention and would be a great puppy for any family, including first time dog owners.  View his puppy aptitude assessmenthere

Minnie is going home with the Palacio family in California!