F3B Labradoodle Puppies born September 13th

Our beautiful, talented and driven Tori is confirmed in whelp to the wonderful, athletic and affectionate Hunter.  After we had our up coming breeding bitch Birdie fail her hip testing and we retired her we have been on the search for a replacement female.  Unfortunately we could not find a breeder that met all of our criteria and had puppies available currently or in the near future.  We decided to once again cross these two amazing dogs to keep one of their female puppies as a future mate to Oakley. 

The puppies from these two have been truly amazing.  They are smart, eager to please, and are devoted to their families.  Many are in working hunting homes, pet therapy dogs and of course all are amazing family pets. In their previous litters together we had colors from cream, to black and chocolate in several different patterns including solid, brindle, sable and tan-point.  The coats in this generation do vary.  Most have minimal to mild shedding fleece coats but there is also the opportunity that some of the puppies will have moderate shedding hair coats**.

At this time we have three early reservations available for this litter.  For more information on what is included with each of our exceptional puppies as well as our application please visit the Puppy Purchasing Page 

F2 Labradoodle Puppies Confirmed! Due November 17th!

**It is important to understand that no one can be 100 % certain what a Labradoodle’s permanent adult coat will look like until they are at least 18-24 months of age. We compare their puppy coat to our previous puppies and make an approximation of their adult coat type.  Their coats can and will change color and type between birth and adulthood. They change a lot in the puppy’s first few months of life, and will go through 2-3 more distinct phases before reaching its permanent coat type. During these changes, you may experience some increased shedding. 


On September 13th Kimber blessed us with 5 beautiful puppies, 4 girls and one boy sired by Oakley.  These puppies are so calm, smart and willing to please.  They are going to make outstanding additions to their families.  THIS LITTER IS FULLY RESERVED.

We do have a few reservations available for our winter and spring litters with very similar colors expected.  More information on the application and selection process can be found on the Future Litters page. 


Available Labradoodle Puppies