In order to give our breeding dogs the very best life possible it is important to limit how many dogs we personally keep in our home.  In order to breed the highest quality dogs which is our MAIN GOAL, we also needed to keep, evaluate, and add quality bloodlines to our breeding program.  For us and many like us the way to accomplish this goal is to utilize a Guardian Dog Program.  This allowed us to expand our dog breeding program with pride and help us to breed the very highest quality Labradoodle puppies the right way, out of kennels and in a loving home.  

Our Guardian Home Program allows for local families to have a “pick of the litter puppy”. The Guardian Home puppy or dog is part of the Guardian Home’s Family forever, while the breeding rights are retained by JNB Stables for a set amount of time.  Once the Guardian Dog has completed his/her breeding career, he/she will be spayed or neutered at our expense, and the dog's registration papers will be transferred into the Guardian Home's name.

How Does it Work?

Most of our puppies available for our Guardian Program will be females. Occasionally we will have a male available as well  A Guardian Home puppy will come to you at 8 weeks of age (or older if purchased from another quality breeder). During the first year, JNB Stables will have all appropriate health testing completed. Once we receive all of the results from the health testing, we are then able to assess whether or not the puppy will enter our breeding program. If for any reason we decide not to breed the Guardian Puppy placed with you (this is a decision solely made by JNB Stables) we will then pay to spay/neuter the Guardian puppy at no cost to you, and the puppy will remain a forever family pet with her Guardian Family.

Guardian puppies that enter our breeding program will begin producing between 18 and 24 months of age. When a female Guardian dog is in season, the Guardian Family is required to contact us immediately. An intact female usually has a heat cycle that will last between 14 and 21 days. During this time, we will need access to her for breeding related appointments and we may have her stay in our home for a period during this time.  Once she has been bred, she will remain with her Guardian Family until one week before her due date. At that time, the Guardian dog will come back to stay with us throughout her pregnancy, and will be returned once her pups are fully weaned at 8 weeks of age. Guardian Families are welcomed and encouraged to visit with scheduled appts while their Guardian Dog is at JNB Stables after the puppies turn 3 weeks old.  Male dogs must be available for breeding when we have a matched female in heat.  We may bring the female to the Guardian family's home for breeding, or we may bring the male to our house.  We will do the best we can to keep all parties up to date on scheduling but the Guardian dog must be available to us when services are needed.

If you are receiving a Guardian Home Puppy, we ask for monthly photos and updates during the first year so that we can watch her develop, and update our website. We also will require a visit to our Guardian Family’s home every few months during the first year to assess the Guardian Puppy, as well as build a relationship for the future. Occasionally, we will ask our Guardian Families to bring the puppy to us for a visit so the puppy can get comfortable with our home.

When the dog is older and completes his/her breeding obligations, we pay for spay/neuter and your dog comes home to enjoy the wonderful life you have provided for him/her since puppyhood. 

There are many things that Guardian families need to consider. Guardians of females sometimes have to deal with several heat cycles and keeping their girl protected from unwanted males. The Guardian family will need to learn the signs of a heat cycle and be willing to communicate, cooperate and coordinate with us to ensure a successful breeding. Because of canine venereal diseases,  male guardian dogs can only mate with approved females.

Is There a Cost Involved to Be a Guardian Home?

Yes, initially. We do not give our Guardian puppies away. The cost of a Guardian Home puppy is $800.  For female puppies we will gift the Guardian Home $200 for every litter that she produces, and $50 to male puppies for each litter produced.  Female dogs produce between 1-4 litters depending on what we are trying to accomplish as well as how she responds to being a mother.  Generally male dogs are in service until the age of 6. Our Guardian Home Families are responsible for the general routine veterinary care and wellness of the Guardian puppy/dog placed with them. This means annual vaccines, feeding a high quality dog food, grooming, monthly heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention, training, regular exercise and socialization, and most importantly all the love and care and attention possible.  Any “breeding related” medical costs for the Guardian Dog are the expense of JNB Stables. Our Guardian Homes are only responsible for routine maintenance and medical care just as they would if they had their own dog.

What Qualifications Must Guardian Home Meet?

*Guardians must have previous dog experience

*If the Guardian home has other dogs, they must be spayed or neutered

*Guardians must own and live in a home with a fully fenced yard
*Guardians must keep the dog on a leash or in a fenced area at all times
*Guardians must be willing to train the puppy either at home or in a class for basic and advanced obedience and puppy must be able to pass the
AKC canine good citizenship test by one year of age. 
*Guardians must ensure the puppy is socialized to adults, children and other animals – VERY IMPORTANT
*Guardians must provide appropriate veterinary or emergency care when needed

*Guardian homes will have the dog groomed every 4-6 weeks to maintain a healthy, well-cared for coat
*Guardians must feed the dog a diet approved by the breeder (approved brands are Victor, Sport Dog Food, Purina Pro Plan, Inukshuk, Science Diet, Iams or Royal Canin and diet must NOT be grain-free)
*Guardians must be able and willing to identify and notify us immediately when a female begins her heat cycle
*Guardians must not allow a female in heat near intact males
*Guardians must not allow a male guardian to breed with unapproved females
*Guardians must live within a reasonable driving distance from Overton, Ne (2 hours for female dogs, 1 hour for male dogs)
*Guardians must communicate, cooperate and coordinate with the breeder regarding testing, mating, whelping, and other breeding related activities

The Guardian Home program is actually a very simple program even though it may seem like there are a lot of details. The main thing to remember is, if we as humans truly reject the idea of puppy mills, there is no better way than the guardian home program to help reputable breeders continue to breed dogs in a humane and loving environment and out of cages so in order to continue to produce HAPPY and HEALTHY puppies for families who are looking for a forever pet.  If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Home please fill out and submit a Guardian Home Application.

Guardian Home Program