Raising Exceptional Labradoodle Puppies In Central Nebraska

Here at JNB Stables we do not believe in kennels.  To ensure the best life for every dog in our program we keep a very limited number of dogs in our house because they are our "fur children" and we want to be sure they receive the attention that they need as every dog deserves.  Therefore we utilize guardian homes to expand our breeding program.  Guardian dogs live their life with a forever family but come back to visit for their "honeymoon", or when it is time to have puppies.  Once they have finished their breeding career we have them spayed or neutered and then they go about their amazing lives either with us or their guardian family.    

We have the highest standards for raising exceptionally healthy puppies.  And as healthy puppies start before conception all of our breeding dogs are tested through OFA health evaluations for hips, elbows cardiac and patellas as well as a panel of genetic tests associated with either the poodle or the labradoodle as recommended by Paw Print Genetics or Embark Vet to ensure only the highest quality genetics are passed onto our puppies   It is an investment that every breeder should make as you cannot better the breed and raise exceptional puppies without doing so.   

Our Breeding Dogs