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​With over 10 years of training experience, we specialize in starting young horses and correcting problematic behavior in older horses.   Our philosophy is "sane mind, safe mount". At JNB Stables we do not rush your horse through training. We believe in building a strong bond with any animal so that progression is made with trust, rather then force. We want your horse to see training as a pleasant experience.  It is also our belief that the owner should be incorporated as much as possible to make transitioning from training to home easier. 

JNB Stables offers a limited number of spots for training from March through November.  We specialize in starting young horses and working with problem horses.

  • Rates are $400 per month 
  • Hay is an additional $50 per month (you are more then welcome to provide your own hay, either small squares or big rounds and the grain of your choice, I recommend Purina® Strategy®)
  • Horses are kept in individual paddocks​
  • The first 30 days are spent working them in the round pen and teaching proper manners on the ground.  Then I begin riding them in the round pen when they are ready.  I don't believe in pushing them into vigorous training in the first 30 days as I want to develop a relationship based on trust and respect, rather than by force or intimidation.
  • After 60 days they will be considered green broke under saddle and will walk, trot, lope, stop, and back outside of the round pen.  They will stand tied, load in the trailer, stand for the farrier.  
  • After 90 days the will neck rein, work on being ridden on the trails, side passing, and collecting.
  • Every horse is different and some may achieve these goals faster and some slower.  I tweak my training method to meet every horse's individual personality.
  • Horses are worked 5 days a week under saddle or (depending on where they are at in their training) in the round pen.  
  • 1 day a week they are taken out, groomed and just given attention or ponied
  • 1 day a week they are rested 
  • Our facilities are basic, but we have a safe, large round pen and our training area with obstacles.  When a horse is ready we also are able to haul to the arena just a few miles away for even more experience
  • We prefer owners come out at least once a week if possible to learn how to work with their horses as well to ensure a smooth transition when the horse returns home.  These sessions are an additional $20.
  • Contact us for additional information, and availability

Horse Training