New Puppy Shopping List

The products that we use in our program are recommended from our veterinarians and colleagues. (click the picture to find where to purchase)

Recommended Reading

Recommended Food

Grooming is incredibly important for your doodle.  This includes brushing at least once a week depending on your puppy's coat type, weekly nail trimming, ear cleaning and teeth brushing and baths as needed.  When grooming pay particular attention to areas around the ears and legs that can mat easily.  Use the slicker brush to go over the entire body and then finishing with comb to ensure there are no tangles.  A professional grooming visit will be needed every 6 to 12 weeks depending on the coat type.


This crate has a divider that you can use to make the crate the appropriate size.  You want it just big enough your pup can turn around easily but not so much room that they think there is an area to potty in.  The exercise pen can be used to give them an area to go out to with a potty pad just in case they need to "go" while you are gone and an area to come out in while they are crate training.  Once crate training is complete and they are doing well with potty training the exercise pen can be eliminated.  Your set up should look like this:

Our favorite healthy, natural treats for chewing, training and rewarding.  We also LOVE to use fresh fruits and veggies for our dogs as well as raw meaty bones.  See the list of what produce you should and should not feed your doodle here .  Whenever your dog is enjoying a chewing treat we always recommend supervision to prevent choking.


Interactive toys are a great way to keep your puppy's mind engaged, especially while they are in the kennel.  We use different recipes to stuff our KONG toy and then put them in the freezer at night and give them to our dogs during the day.  You can find some of our favorite recipes here 

We recommend Victor Hi-Pro plus for the first year of life for proper growth.  After a year of age we recommend Victor Professional