​Black Male​



Apricot Male​

F2 Labradoodle Puppies born April 20th


​Black Male​




​Black Phantom Merle Female​

​Cream Female​

Apricot Female​

​Black Phantom Female​

​Black Merle Male

​Chocolate Sable Merle Female​

**It is important to understand that no one can be 100 % certain what a Labradoodle’s permanent adult coat will look like until they are at least 18-24 months of age. We compare their puppy coat to our previous puppies and make an approximation of their adult coat type.  Their coats can and will change color and type between birth and adulthood. They change a lot in the puppy’s first few months of life, and will go through 2-3 more distinct phases before reaching its permanent coat type. During these changes, you may experience some increased shedding. 



April 20th Tori whelped 10 beautiful puppies, five boys and five girls. These amazing puppies will likely have curly or wavy fleece coats with most being minimal or mild shedding but there is the possibility of moderate shedding**.  Oakley and Tori are both very devoted family members.  They are smart, willing and love to please.  They are going to pass these traits on to their amazing puppies.  Puppies will be available to go home on June 15th.

We have 4 open deposits for this litter.  Selection will take place at 6 weeks of age in the order deposits are received after we have completed their puppy personality assessments to help our families choose the best puppy for them.   Be sure to check out the purchasing details to see what is included with each exceptional puppy from JNB Stables and to fill out an application if you are interested in adding a puppy to your family.



​Black Male

Available Labradoodle Puppies